October 16, 2012

Voter Guide 2012

Back by popular demand (Popular is three or more people, right?) I am reactivating Craigorian Chant and putting together one of our famous voter guides.

So here it is, how Craig believes you should vote. This is a complete guide to every issue found on Craig's ballot. If you have some local candidate or ballot measure that you need help with, seek out a political blogger in your area.

President of the United States. Seriously, if you ain't rich, and I don't mean "better off" I mean staggering, gobspackingly Scrooge McDuck rich, don't vote for Mitt Romney. You will be worse off for it. And don't get me started on social issues, we will be here all day. I could go on and on, but I've the rest of this ballot to deal with. The Chant recommends Barack Obama.

United States Senator. Someone really needs to challenge Dianne Feinstein from the left in the Primaries. She was something in her day, but is really sort of a spent force now. That said, Emken is just a standard issue Republican and not a very bright one at that. The Chant recommends Dianne Feinstein.

Congress, California 4th District. True story, the one personal encounter I had with congressman Tom McClintock I came away very impressed. I still oppose him and everything he stands for, but still. Impressive on a personal level. Jack Uppal has pluck, fighting the good fight in a district stacked against him. The Chant recommends Jack Uppal.

State Assembly 5th District. Here's where we get strategic. Because of California's new jungle primary, we ended up with two Republicans running in the general election. Hard choice? I'm going with Bigelow, as he seems less of an ass than Oller and a little to his left. Plus I like his hat. The Chant recommends Frank Bigelow.

Sutter Creek City Council. Three people running for three seats. Democracy! It doesn't matter what the Chant Recommends.

Proposition 30. This is the tax measure that Governor Brown introduced. Look if we want to be California, and have good school and State parks and all the rest, we need to pay for it. Otherwise we might as well be Texas, a low-tax wasteland. The Chant recommends Yes.

Proposition 31. Budget reforms, including a two-year budget and less money going from the locals to the State. We only have to do the budget dance every other year? Sign me up. The Chant Recommends Yes

Proposition 32. This measure is almost cartoonishly deceptive. It restricts union political action while leaving Corporate power untouched, while claiming to be some kind of good-government measure. This is why the Proposition system in California is broken. The Chant Recommends No.

Proposition 33. Every few years, the auto insurance industry tries to change the laws governing their industry. Do you really think Insurance Companies are spending big money on this because its good for us? The Chant Recommends No.

Proposition 34. Repeal the Death Penalty. Sure. It takes forever to for California to kill anyone anyway, its very expensive, and "closure" is the worst concept in the history of mankind. The Chant Recommends Yes.

Proposition 35. Penalties for Human Trafficking. Does it really matter what I say? Who's gonna want to be soft on human trafficking?

Proposition 36. Three strikes reform. Can't put someone away forever if the third strike is not a serious crime. Makes a brutal law less brutal. The Chant Recommends Yes.

Proposition 37. Requires labeling of genetically engineered food. Meh. I'm tired of people trying to scare me over "FrankenFood" Find me a real study that show any real danger from genetically engineered food and I'll play. The Chant Recommends No.

Proposition 38. The other tax measure. Look, there are other things in State government than schools. Locking in large parts of the State Budget by Proposition is one reason the budget is such a mess each year. Plus I'm getting really sick of the Munger Children. Charles Munger Jr is a conservative and spends his inherited money on conservative crap like prop 32. The liberal Molly Munger is spending millions on a tax initiative (38) that confuses things and may put in jeopardy the tax initiative that has a real chance of passing (30). I'm really getting tired of California as the political playground of the rich and bored. The Chant Recommends No.

Proposition 39. Taxes on Interstate Businesses. Companies have to pay taxes on their sales in California, money goes to clean energy projects. Yeah. The Chant Recommends Yes.

Proposition 40. Redistricting. Trying to undo the maps created by the Citizen's Committee. A Yes vote keeps the maps The Chant Recommends Yes.

County Measure Q. Raises County Transit Occupancy Tax. It will cost more to visit me. Tough. We need the money. The Chant Recommends Yes.

County Measure U. Renewal of Abandoned vehicle program. Is there anything sadder than an abandoned car? The Chant Recommends Yes.

City Measure T. Makes the City Clerk an appointive, not elected position. This is a job for a professional. Plus, not one wants to run for the job anyway. The Chant Recommends Yes.