March 10, 2011

Politics: Total War

Here is what we are facing in America today. A political party that is playing for keeps. The GOP and the right are using the power that they acquired in the last election the systematical target and destroy the supporters and institutions of the Democratic party and the left. They are targeting labor unions. They are targeting Planned Parenthood. They are targeting NPR. They show no shame in this. If you truly believe that you are the only true America and that half the country is bunch of communist sympathisers who hate mother and apple pie then you have trouble destroying civil institutions that are coded "lefty." College kids don't vote the right way? Just keep the college kids from voting.

Of course, this won't stand. You can't outlaw, defund, smear and generally use the power of government to undo everything half the country is in favor of. That half will strike back.  We will organize, raise money and run hard in the next election. And now that we know what the stakes are, we will play the same game.

March 9, 2011

Who You Got?

Less than 10 months away from the Iowa Caucuses!

The Republican field is starting to take shape. Most notably, its seems that Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee don't seem to be making the moves you expect if they were putting together a real run at the brass ring. Now, it could be that Palin is just going to do things her own way, and hope that her celebrity and massive media presence will exempt her from having to trugd throw the snows of New Hampshire. So the fact that two poll leaders may not run scramble things a bit.

So who's going to win this thing? Chait makes the case for Tim Pawlenty, but I'm uncovinced, mainly for the simple fact that Pawlenty is as boring as dirt. Look at the presidential canidates of recent times. Say what you will about Obama, Clinton x 2, McCain, Bush x 2, Palin and the rest, but people rise to national prominence for a reason. The say intesting things, have done interesting thing, have interesting backgrounds and posses interesting skills. Pawlenty just doesn't.

But everyone else in the field has trouble. 

Romney passed a health care reform that looked a lot like Obama's, and by the way has no soul.

Newt, lets face it, isn't going anywhere.

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour is as close to Boss Hog as you will ever find in real life.

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is even more dull than Pawlenty.

Now, somebody has to win this thing. I just can't you the story of how any of these guys do it.

March 4, 2011

Slow Down

There's a principal of foreign policy I'd like to try out. Let's call it the McCain Violence Advocacy Principal. The MVAP states that in any given foriegn policy situation or crisis, John McCain will advocate the maximum theoretical amount of violence. There will be no one to John McCain's right on the use of the military. So if he can advocate all-out war and 100-year occupation, in Iraq, that's what he does. If that sounds too crazy, he'll advocate a lesser state of violence, like "bombing" Iran. (It doesn't stop with one air strike, but let's not get into that). Note how no one in American politics advocates an invasion and occupation of Iran? "Airstrikes" is as far as anyone goes, and that's where John McCain goes.  Now if bombing is too crazy, the MVAP will seek out lesser measures, like "being strong" and "not backing down."

Which brings us to Libya. What's the most aggressive policy possible? A No Fly Zone. Now some may think that a No Fly Zone is something other than war, a mere defensive measure that will keep Libyans safe. SecDefense spelled this out a No Fly Zone is a war. It means bombing the crap out of Libyan air defenses before putting large number of planes overhead. Its expensive and puts a strain on our military. You know that last Country we did a No Fly Zone over? Iraq. One of the reason given for invasion was to end the costly enforcement of the No Fly Zone. A No Fly Zone is a way to back into a full war in Libiyia.

Stay away from the MVAP.

March 2, 2011


Newt is getting closer and closer to running. Fox News just kicked him off thier air, because aparently you can't run for President and still get a pay-check from Fox News. Its Fox New's one ethical rule.