March 10, 2011

Politics: Total War

Here is what we are facing in America today. A political party that is playing for keeps. The GOP and the right are using the power that they acquired in the last election the systematical target and destroy the supporters and institutions of the Democratic party and the left. They are targeting labor unions. They are targeting Planned Parenthood. They are targeting NPR. They show no shame in this. If you truly believe that you are the only true America and that half the country is bunch of communist sympathisers who hate mother and apple pie then you have trouble destroying civil institutions that are coded "lefty." College kids don't vote the right way? Just keep the college kids from voting.

Of course, this won't stand. You can't outlaw, defund, smear and generally use the power of government to undo everything half the country is in favor of. That half will strike back.  We will organize, raise money and run hard in the next election. And now that we know what the stakes are, we will play the same game.

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Stephen said...

I find your food for thought very interesting. I am proud to have known you in our younger years.
S. Royal