June 18, 2007

Ocean's 13

Ok so this post has been sitting in draft since I got back from Sin City, about time I hit publish.

Ocean's 13 marks the first movie trilogy I've managed to see this summer, having missed both Shrek and Pirates 3. I managed to see this movie four days into a Vegas vacation, which I highly recommend. There is something deeply emotionally satisfying about watching people so much cooler than you rob a Las Vegas casino blind. And after the movie, you can go wander the strip and see all the location and make like you're George Clooney. Or in our case, try and figure out where the fictional CGI casino would be located in relation to our own hotel.

Anyway, to the movie: Many, many people pulling many, many cons with great style, both personal and cinematic. Lots of moving parts in this one. The full cast, lots of supporting characters, everyone gets their 30 seconds. Nothing quiet as smart as the first movie, but no massive clunkers like the second (Julia Roberts plays someone who looks like Julia Roberts!) Al Pachino's dayglow tanned Willie Bank just doesn't seem as smart or as menacing as Andy Garcia's Terry Benedict. And where is the fun in beating the B-Team. Putting the moves to Ellen Barkin , however, will always be fun.

So to sum up, Las Vegas, Cool, Hey the French Guy! Slick, Casino robbing - somehow ok, style, Elle Barkin - still hot, fun, gadgets, just how many people are in this movie and did I mention I just got back from Vegas.

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