February 26, 2009

Nice, Um, "Field"

Next years Louisiana Senate race is an early contender for best campaign ever. The incumbent is David Vitter, who remains on the scene and remains extremely sanctimonious despite getting caught up in the DC Madam scandal. And by "Caught Up" I mean caught with his pants down.

Lining up to challenge him, is Tony Perkin one of the more extreme religious right leaders on the scene today. Gee, I wonder what his issue with Vitter is? God only knows what Perkin's secret kink is.

But wait, there's more. Also considering a run in the race is porn star Stormy Daniels. I'm pretty sure she's more honest than the other two. You vote for a porn star, you get a porn star. You vote for the responsible family man, you get the high patron of hookers.

Also, the link to the Draft Stormy site is here. Don't go randomly googling Stormy Daniels. That can get you in trouble. I know my readership, and you all are wasting time at work.

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