July 6, 2009

Don't Quit Your Day Job

I've been thinking about it a bit, going over all the commentary and I still have no idea why Sarah Palin stepped down. I could see not running again - if she wants to go for the big prize the Presidential super-campaign starts two years out. She would be done in January 2011 and the spin doctors could turn that 4-year term into an epic tale of turn-around, competence, and conservative-principals-in-action. But no one can do anything with barely half a term as governor of the great white north. Palin was laughably unqualified for Vice-President. She just put a cap on her governing experience at 2.5 years. From a political strategery standpoint, this makes no sense at all.

She didn't do this to spend time with her family. Nobody who goes into politics likes to spend that much time with their family. I'm waiting for a scandal to drop, but nothing big seems forthcoming. This dosn't make any sense at all.

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jess said...

I'm with you. From the moment I heard it on npr on Friday afternoon, I've been at a loss. It makes me feel better that all three of my politically plugged in friends (you included) are also not understanding what's going on. What I find strange is that even in her press conference, she really didn't give a reason. Some stuff about helping alaska from the outside, but that's really non-specific stuff. What is she actually going to do??