April 6, 2010

Socialism: Actually Pretty Popular

I know you all have heard about the tea parties, the movement that is sweeping the nation and about to send all of us liberals to the ash bin of history.

Well, it turns out that Socialism is just as popular as tea parties. Just over a third of people approve of each. More than enough to form a revolutionary cadre. So maybe we can have two revolutions. First, lets sweep government out of lives completely. Then we can seize the means of productions.

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Lee Matthews said...

Hey there crazy, I have to say that I am shocked at the comments about socialism being popular. Not that socialism is all bad but one thing I can say that it is not is American. We are nation founded on individualism, not colleciveism. People come to america not for the free handouts and the distribution of the wealth from the achievers to those who choose to be unachievers but instead for a chance to make it on thier own. Screw Socialism. I have lived in Europe and I know it is not for America or Americans.