October 25, 2010

Voter Guide!

The happiest time of the year. The time when I tell you how to vote.

Proposition 19. Pot Legalization. Sure its not the best-written law ever. That's what happens when pot-heads write your law. Yes it will provoke the Feds. But that's part of the fun. Drug laws need to change in this Country. Marijuana is the place to start. California is the place to start. The Chant Recommends YES.

Proposition 20. Redistictring. Add Congressional districts to the citizen's redistricting commission that passed the last time around. Helps to cut down on politicos drawing their own safe districts. Why weren't Congressional districts included in the first go-around? Because the Proposition process is a bad way to do business. But you should still vote for this. The Chant Recommends YES.

Proposition 21. License Charge for Park Funding. This one is 18 extra bucks on your car registration to fund State parks. State parks have been taking it on the chin in the budget mess and we have too many cars in California anyway. The Chant Recommends YES.

Proposition 22. Ban the State from taking money from local districts. Just what we need, more restrictions on how money gets spent in California. Because the budget process isn't hard enough as it is. Taking money from the locals isn't my favorite budget move, but if you won't raise taxes and want to keep the prisons open, you need to take local transportation money. If there isn't any money, you can't pass a Proposition to keep spending money. The Chant Recommends NO.

Proposition 23. Suspends Climate Change Law. God, I hate Propositions. This is from the oil companies. Its a law to let them keep what they are doing, screwing the planet to make more money. The line about jobs is total crap. Look, energy jobs are jobs no matter what kind of energy is being made. You can make money drilling for oil or by installing solar panels. We need laws the encourage the latter, so we don't all die of thirst in a 100 years. The Chant Recommends NO.

Proposition 24. Cancels tax cuts for Corporations. Somehow, in the middle of a massive budget shortfall the Leg passed billions in tax cuts for big companies. That's a shortfall that gets paid for by cuts to education, roads, and everything else the State pays for. Time to spread the pain to our betters. The Chant Recommends YES.

Proposition 25. Ends two-thirds requirement to pass budget. Oh hell yes. The two-thirds vote requirement to pass a budget is the worse procedure in government. You want a budget passed on time? Then make it easier to pass a budget. The Chant Recommends YES.

Proposition 26. Require two-thirds vote to pass fees. Oh hell no. We've been over this before. You require a two-thirds vote on things you don't want to pass ever. This Prop would make it impossible to require that polluters pay for the damage they cause. Fees are good things. They pay for stuff, and they get paid for by the people who make needing the stuff happen. The Chant Recommends No.

Proposition 27. End the Redistricting Commission. This one ends the Redistricting Commission that got approved last election before it draws its first district boundary. Why is it on the ballot the same time as a measure to expand the Commission's mandate? Because the Proposition system in California is really screwed up. The Chant Recommends No.

So to review: Pot good. Two-Third Vote Requirements Bad. Fees good. Oil companies bad. Propositions bad.

Any questions?

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