May 29, 2011

All the Air Belongs to Her

Even in this age of 24 hour news cycles there is only so much attention to go around. Only one story can lead the news. If there are 20 people running for President, only a few of them can get covered by...all the places that cover such things.

Whatever else she is, Sarah Palin is an absolute master at getting all the media attention she wants.  I mean, just look at her. She dressed up in leather today and rode with Rolling Thunder. There's nothing she will not do. Why would we want to watch Tim Pawlenty get Iran and Iraq mixed up when you can watch Palin. She's riding motorcyles! She's in leather!

Lawrence O'donnell made a very good case that Palin won't run and I'm with him on this, but as long as she acts like she is going to run, all the attention will be on her.

She sucks up all the air.

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