April 5, 2013

The Craig Tries to Build a Company in a Weekend

So I've signed up for Sacramento Startup Weekend, a weekend workshop/hack-a-thon with the pretty ridiculous goal of creating a viable start-up in the course of one 54-hour weekend. These events attrack a variety of talents, computer programmers (Not Me!, marketers (Kinda?), and wana-be entrepreneurs (Ding, Ding, Ding).

Everyone will pitch ideas tonight, the projects get voted on, and teams form around the winners and we are off the races. Sunday night we present what we've created and are judged for our efforts, fame and glory going to the winners. Should be fun eh?

The pitch I'm working on is based on my work related to my other site, and has to do with creating an app that will help fight promoters connect fighters with spaces on their cards. I'll have one minute to pitch the idea.

Fingers crossed.

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