May 23, 2007

Not Over

So the Dems have decided to drop troop-withdrawal deadlines from the emergency Iraq funding bill. They had enough votes to pass it (and did) but not enough votes to overcome Bush's veto. So the simple truth is unless a significant number of Republican come over to the pro-withdrawal side, there is no stopping this war this way. Its not over however. Dems in Congress have lots of other ways to put pressure on the Administration and will do so.


Erin said...

My favorite bit about this piece of news comes from an article from the AP, printed in our own Amador Ledger Dispatch on May 22: "For his part, Bolten criticized Democrats for persisting with an approach that had already sparked one veto."

So the Dems are to be criticized for repeating a failed course of action once (although it seems to me to be a very different bill), but Bush's "stay the course" mentality that repeats the same mistake again and again is ... patriotic?

larry said...

There's absolutely no reason why the Dems should not have passed another funding bill just like the last one. It would have put Bush in a no-win situation, which he easily would have wriggled out of by signing the bill and then ignoring it. At least then the Dems could say that they did what the peopel wanted.

Instead, the Dems ignored the wishes of the people that elected them and buckled under to the right-wing noise machine, showing that they, like Republicans, are only interested in power, not in actual leadership.

If the next election were held today, I would either vote Green (again) or just sit it out. There's no Democrat who's worth voting for.