May 1, 2007


The DC Madam Tells All!

So a women who ran a high-class call girl operation in DC has been busted and is going on trial. In an effort to make everyone as uncomfortable as possible, she has released her phone records to the good people at ABCnew's investigative unit. A major State Department official has already resigned, and who knows how many more are on the list.

Now this is likely to effect both parties, but this sort of thing always hurts the Republicans more, because it always turns out the GOP guy getting the hookers was a member of the Project for Moral Values, the Anti-Sex League or based his last re-election campaign on "preserving the family" while he was snorting cocaine off the ass of a $1,000 dollar a night call girl.

So while deep down this is really none of our business (consenting adults, private lives, and all that) The tawdry sex stuff will always come out.

PS - I've always maintained that there is a better case to make to legalize prostitution than drugs. Discuss. I'm just throwing that out to keep our discussion high-minded.

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Jason said...

Ahhh...ladies of the evening.