April 30, 2007


Not a single person manages to complete a tour though the Bush Administration intact. Name me one person who had a better reputation after they serve in this Administration than before. Sit down Mr. Powell.

Next up is former CIA Director George Tenant, who ass-covering book will attempt to shift blame from...well Geoge Tenet and on people who...are not George Tenant.

In attempt to distract you from that whole "Missing Weapons of Mass Destruction" thing and that whole "9/11" thing and that "Presidential Medal of Freedom" episode, Tenant will offer all kinds of insidery stuff, like the fact that The Office of the Vice President had a schoolgirl crush on Chalabi.

But still.

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Erin said...

So I caught part of the interview on CNN the other night and was thinking, "oh, poor idiot, fooled like the rest of us..." and then remembered after a bit of reading/fact checking, that this guy was a dangerous idiot (like other people I can name). Anyway, a lovely review of his book is up over at Slate. Makes a few memorable points...