April 13, 2007

Get Him, Get Him, Get Him

Time for a little confrontation:

But if the Congress instead uses its own power to arrest recalcitrant witnesses and seize documents demanded but not produced under valid Congressional subpoenas, the situation is reversed. Not only is there no delay, but a judicial refusal to intervene leaves the victory in Congressional hands. If the Sergeant-at-Arms shows up at RNC headquarters with an order to take the servers, is the RNC going to physically resist? I don't think so.

If Congress orders Karl Rove to appear, he fails to appear, and Congress issues a warrant for his arrest, his defiance of that warrant would make him, in effect, a fugitive from justice. Would the President order the Secret Service physically resist the lawful service of a Congressional warrant? In defense of a Watergate-like virtual "shredding" of the emails? I doubt it. It helps that Rove is ludicrously unpopular; Fox News has him at 18% favorable, 37% unfavorable.

You know where this blog stands on the issue.

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