April 10, 2007


In 2005 the Govenator of California held a special election. Every single one of his proposed ballot measures (A collection of right-wing causes, like kicking unions) went down. His polls rating sucked. In response, the Governator shifted his political stance. To the left. He dropped all of his right wing policy proposals and started signing laws to combat global warming and giving more money to schools. He cruised to reelection.

The National Republicans are not learning this lesson. When you are unpopular, when you get beat in an election you have got to move. Or you're going to get thumped. Again

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larry said...

Arnie is an actor with a big ego. He likes to be popular and will do anything he needs to achieve that. His political beliefs, whatever they truly are or if they even exist, do not matter.

The same is not true of the "God sent us here to make war on the heathen Muslims and keep blacks and women in their proper places" national Republicans.

I never thought I'd say this, but there's something to be said about electing people like Arnold. Whatever his motivation, he is being responsive to his constituency. What a radical idea for a politician.