April 26, 2007


From the always must read TPM it seems the Rove and company are fundamentally messing with the Federal Government:

Karl Rove deputies gave GOP campaign briefings to top officials in at least 15 government agencies last year.

Who's vulnerable, who's not and how you can use your agency's resources for the team effort -- that seems to have been the basic idea. Pretty much every department got a briefing. And oddly enough NASA too. That must have been an interesting one.

Look, at some level, every aspect of Government is political. But it occurs at the level of run the Government well, don't mess up, benifit the American People and score political points. Or the opposite.

What is not done is to turn the Federal Government in an extension of the Republican Campaign committees. Staff at Homeland Security should not be briefed on targeted House races. Health and Human Services should not be working to help endangered GOP Congressman. And you don't try to turn NASA into a political campaign shop. Fundamentally, this government needs to be for all people. Rove is trying to turn the Federal Government into nothing more than fodder for his attempts to elect Republicans.

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