September 24, 2007

My Case

Oh, you want to know why Newt eh? So many reasons! First of all, he would lose and lose big. Johnson-Goldwater big. A few isolated GOP Congressman still left alive in all the wreckage big. But more importunately, he would lose in a very entertaining manner. Unlike, say, Sam Brownback, who would lose in a grim and humorless dirge of a campaign, Newt would go out like a New Orleans Funeral march. The man is ridiculously grand and foolish. Even his name is high comedy. He wants give homeless people laptops. He wants to unleash the innovative power of government by...defunding the government. He writes alternative history with scenarios like "what if Lee had won at Gettysburg" or "What if we had invaded Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia after 9/11" He was boffing a member of his staff the same time he impeached President Clinton. His destruction (and that of the GOP along with him) will be happy fun time.

UPDATE: AddieStan makes her case for Newt. She's less optimistic than I, but does point out the great list of Newt scandals, some of which I forgot about. Also, she has a great quote from Newt about creationism, chaos theory and, and... just read it.


larry said...

"Johnson-Goldwater big", huh? You young'uns need to review your history. That "Johnson-Goldwater big" was a very short celebration. In 1964, along with the presidency, the Dems picked up 36 House seats and 2 Senate seats. In 1966, the Dems lost 48 House seats and 3 Senate seats. In 1968, we got Richard Nixon who was, until recently, arguably the worst ever president of the United States. Nixon brought forth Gerry Ford. Ford brought forth Donald Rumsfeld. So there's a direct line from Johnson's victory to the Iraq war.

And if you don't think the current Democrats are as hawkish as LBJ turned out to be, then I refer you to the recent Senate votes to censure and to continue permitting and funding the Iraq war.

So, as they say, be careful what you wish for. You might get it. There are plenty of people who think that the reason Bush is predicting Hillary as the Democratic candidate is because he sees a replay of the late 1960s as a natural outcome.

larry said...

Well, no Newt this election. You'll just have to roll with Rudy.