September 19, 2007

Snooze Bar Abuse

Right about the same time I stagger out of bed, my neighbor's alarm clock goes off. During the summer when both our windows are open I can hear it. Not loud enough to wake me up but I can hear it. As I go about my morning prep, shower, blog and so on I can keep hearing this alarm go off every eight minuets or however long their snooze bar allows them. This goes on for at least a full hour before I leave for the day job. My neighbor is lying in bed, hitting the snooze bar for over an hour! That can not be healthy. Just set your alarm a little later. You're not fooling anyone. You're not even fooling me and have no idea where you are.

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jess said...

I had an old roommate with a TERRIBLE alarm. He had issues even waking up; the step before hitting snooze and going back to sleep. So, he had some sort of special alarm that started out quiet and then got louder. AND, it switched sounds. Like a car alarm. I guess the theory was that you could tune out one type of sound. But then it would change. And get louder. To wake him up. THEN, he'd hit snooze. The absurd thing was that he pretended that he was going to wake up at 6 am. After having a car alarm inside my house going off every 8 minutes for two hours, he'd finally get up around 8. Fortunately, he only stayed for 3 months.