November 28, 2007

America Today

Ok so His Dark Materials is a trilogy of novels, the first of which has been made into a movie, coming soon the theaters. These books are notable for a few things including Armored Polar Bear Warriors (Coolest. Thing. Ever.) and be very anti-religious. An evil church is the big bad they fight in the first book. In later books the big bad is God himself.

Naturally this source material leads to two things. One, the anti-religious themes of the book will be toned down in the movie so as not to offend. And two, people who's job in life is to be offended will be offended. Which pretty much much sums up America today.

The Catholic League and its president Bill Donohue will be offend no matter what. Its their whole purpose in life. So why not just be faithful to the material?

But still, Armored Polar Bears. I'm so in.

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