November 13, 2007


In following the Presidential race, I've got two competing and contradictory rooting interests. I'm rooting for my preferred candidates in both parties and I am rooting against our current messed-up primary system. A few small, unrepresentative states have way too much influence, just because they vote early. But it turns out that these two interests are opposed to each other. Let me explain.

I'm still pulling for Obama. It may be that I just like the idea of Obama more than the actual man, but anyway, that's who I'm going for. Obama trails in almost all polls right now, but is very close in the first contest of Iowa. His best chance at this point is to beat Hillary in Iowa and then use the momentum from that win to overcome her national poll lead. I hate the fact that Iowa has so much influence in the current primary system. But that influence is my preferred candidate's best chance.

Likewise, the situation over in the Republican side has me all conflicted as well. Rudy Giuliani is pursuing a very unusual strategy. He is winning in national polls but losing to Mitt Romney in the early states of Iowa and New Hampshire. His plan is to just eat the early loses and go for the big wins in February, California and New York and so on. Now I would love for someone to win a nomination despite losing these freaky little early states. It would really undermine their influence in the future. But I don't want Giuliani to be the one to do that. The man is the best chance the GOP has in the general election. An he's a threat to the Republic.

So what is going happen? What do I want to happen? I'm so torn.

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Pennsylvania Independent said...

I was a supporter of Al Gore in 2000, but I haven't been a supporter of a Democratic presdiential candidate since. i was not a suppoter of either George W. Bush or John Kerry in 2004. I felt in 2004 i had no choice but to keep the presdiental ballot blank.