April 22, 2009

Notes on the Pagent

Strangely, I find myself having opinions on the Miss California gay marriage question row. A few notes:

1. Perez Hilton is just a gross human being, the worse kind of star-fucker in a world that has a lot. We do not want him to be the leading advocate for gay marriage.

2. Since when do real political questions get asked at these things? I always though it was "How do we bring about world peace?" and "Puppies, pro or con"

3. No seriously, when did the content of the answers start to matter? I always thought the question portion of the competition was a test of pose and being able to think on your feet. There's a forum for asking political questions and judging people on their answers. Its called candidates night.

4. Why are we still having beauty pageants? Does anybody actually watch these any more?

5. Maybe that's why they had political questions and freak show judges: to gin up some attention. Mission accomplished!

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