April 28, 2009

There Will Be More

My favorite little Jerry Seinfeld stand-up bit was him talking about how his mother always told him not to snack, because his would "ruin his appetite" But when he grew up he realized that he could ruin his appetite, but a new appetite would always replace it. Jerry's ruined hundreds of appetites, but it always comes back.

That's what I though of when I read the rash of Obama's first hundred days. Yep, the first hundred days is done. But there's another hundred after that. And another after that. In fact, Obama has 14 or so hundred days, and if he's good and we all do our part, 14 more after that.

Which is to say, I'm not making a big deal out of this hundred days. There are a lot more coming.

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Laura said...

I am beyond frustrated with all this..."Obama report card" kind of stories. The man is dealing with issues that can't be fixed in 100 days, and maybe not even in 14 100days. Expecting immediate solutions for situations that have deteriorated for a decade is simply ridiculous.

What I'd like to know is how many days Obama has had off vs. Bush at the same point in his presidency, those are numbers I'd like to see.