September 25, 2009


You know those old guys you see wandering around with metal detectors, looking for "treasure?"

Well, one of them just had the best day in the history of old guys with metal detectors and possibly in the history of metal detectors or old guys.

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Archaeogoddess said...

Just so you know, because you know you want to ask, no, I don't find stuff like this on my sites. Have you ever noticed that hoards like this are always found in a field? That's because when people bury their treasure, they do so "5 steps from the funky tree, in the direction of that big rock" and rarely in their house. (And because they bury treasure in such random locations, they often can't find it again, or are unable to come back and get it.) Archaeologists dig up houses. Not fields. We can get money from people to go dig up houses but not walk the fields with metal detectors, alas.