September 8, 2009

Tuesday is Indoctrination Day

Read all the horrible things the President has to say to our children.

The conservative position can't just be against everything Obama favors. It leads to some pretty stupid places. Now conservatives are against hard work in school. Obama favors eating right and playing sports. Is the conservative response going to be pro-junk food? Is anti basketball legislation the next GOP priority.

Obama favors breathing. Are you stupid enough to oppose that?

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Laura said...

Apparently, this was quite an issue here in good old Amador County. The school district made phone calls to reassure the parents in the county that with the exception of a possible showing in a high school government class, the children of Amador County were safe from the President's address. They were getting phone calls from worried parents.

Seriously? If Bush had addressed children, they'd have glued students to their seats to show the damn thing.