November 16, 2009

Always with the Palin

Brace yourselves for a whole week of Palin. The book she "wrote" is coming out Tuesday, so this is the week of the media storm. Cover of Newsweek (which rips her), Oprah today and so on. She's going to be everywhere.

Palin really does show how far you can go in this Country on looks and attitude alone. She's served part of a term as Governor of Alaska, been the Vice-Presidential candidate on a losing national ticket and...that's it. She doesn't have the slightest knowledge about public policy. Her public pronouncements are so ill-informed as to be actually dangerous to health and safety. Yet she is the most prominent Republican in the nation right now.

For me, Palin represents the answer to Voltair's classic prayer: "Oh Lord, make my enemies ridiculous." Despite the media blitz, she remains very unpopular. Should she pull off the world's greatest punking and actually get the Republican nomination in 2012 the GOP would be burned down to the bedrock. They really might go the way of the Wigs. David Brooks knows the deadly danger Palin represents for Republicans. He claims that "Republican primary voters are not going to elect a talk show host." But deep down, he knows that the party of Reagan the actor could easily go with Palin the celebrity. And that would spell the end of the conservative project in America.

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