November 16, 2009

Traffic Drive!

So I've been blogging more recently, what with the extra free time and all. I figure more people should be reading all this hard work. So this week I'll be doing my best to spread the word about Craigorian Chant and all its wonders. Mustering what slender social media resources I have, and using some very questionable traffic generation sites. For you regular readers who keep coming back, feel free to help the cause. Tell your friends. In fact, here's what I ask of you, the reader:

1. Visit. Once a day is all I ask. I promise there will always be something new every day.
2. Leave a comment. Comments make me happy. Even if it's to call bull. Especially then.
3. Click the ads. I know there's nothing there you want to buy. Don't do it for the stuff. Do it for me.
4. Tell people about it. Work it naturally into the conversation. Cite me as an authority on a subject "As I was reading on Craigorian Chant at lunch today, clearly the implication is..."

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