September 8, 2010

"Anti-Muslim frenzy."

Why now? Why, ten years after 9/11, are we seeing an anti-Muslim frenzy? Koran burnings? A media circus over a community center? I could understand these things in the direct wake of 9/11. People were scared out of their minds and ready get their 5 minute hate on. But its been nine years now. There hasn't been a terrorist attack in the US since 9/11. Sure the wars are still going, but we've been in Iraq and Afghanistan, taking casualties for the same nine years.Their certainly hasn't been any new events to drive this. Things like the Danish cartoon controversy are well in the past. So why now?

My guess is the economy and the tea-baggers. Bad economics always lead to nasty movements. Bashing others is a sure-fire reaction when times are tough. The other part of this is that the tea party reaction has removed all restrain from the conservative movement in this Country. If their is one founding principal of the tea party is that there is no policy too reactionary, that one cannot go too far to the right. So an "Anti-Muslim frenzy" is perfectly consistent with a movement that is in an Anti-Obama, Anti-Liberal, Anti-Moderate Republican, Anti-What-Do-Got frenzy as well.

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Archaeogoddess said...

And it's election season. The crazy always comes out during election season.