September 29, 2010

I Ask Why

A few thoughts on Meg Whitman's maid implosion.

1. Why is Gloria Allred always at the center of these shit-storms? Do you mean to tell me, there are no other publicity hound attorneys in the entire state of California?

2. Why, at this late date, are rich and powerful political types still getting killed over hirering undocumented maids and nannies? This have been a political bomb science at least the early nineties, when a couple of Bill Clinton AG nominees came undone over this very same thing. I'm not rich, so I don't know the nanny/maid market very well, but are there nothing but undocumented workers for hire in this field?

3. Why bother to spend 120 million and counting for a political race that will come undone for somebody you paid minimum wage to?

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