February 13, 2013

Completely Cynical SOTU Analysis

A long list of good public policy ideas, many of them very good and needed, presented in a dramatic and emotionally appealing way. Almost all of whom need to be passed by both Houses of the United States Congress, an institution broken beyond any hope when it comes to acting on issues of public policy. A Senate that is controlled by the filibuster rule and has at least 40 Republicans is not going to raise the minimum wage or help anyone go to pre-school. And if by some miracle of lobbying and Presidential arm-twisting and citizen involvement, the Senate does pass something, the House is firmly in the hands of the GOP and the House GOP is firmly in the hands of the Ted Nugent wing of the party. So that's that.

Also Rubio did look silly with the water. The same logic applies to his list of policy ideas, none of which are going anywhere while Obama is President and the Dems control the Senate. So we might as well spend time taking about the water.

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