February 25, 2013

Oscar Review

Man there was a lot of singing in that one.

Seth MacFarlane was terrible. Awful delivery of lazy dumb jokes. Actresses have boobs! Jews run Hollywood! We can't understand what Salma Hayek says, but we don't care cause she's so good looking? Plus he's so shifty and insincere in his delivery, like he doesn't believe what he's saying or someone else is making him do this.

I honestly believe that Ann Hathaway should have won for Catwoman in Dark Knight Rises and not for Le Mis.

Good on Argo, both for best picture and for best adapted screenplay, for truly the screenplay was the best part of the movie. Thanking Canda was a nice touch.

Daniel Day Lewis winning for being Lincoln was the most predictable of wins. I shall maintain that Jessica Chastain was robbed until I actually see Silver Linings Playbook.

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