December 14, 2006

Can't Be Good

The Democratic Majority in the Senate hangs by a narrow 51-49 thread. Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson is in critical condition following emergency brain surgery. If he is unable to continue in his job as Senator, the Republican Governor of South Dakota will pick his replacement, which could swing control of the Senate. Not Good.

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larry said...

This shows what happens when you celebrate on the basis of a 51-49 advantage (which is really 49-49-2 - let's stick with reality, folks). Things can change very quickly.

Meanwhile, it seems that even the South Dakotans aren't sure what comes next, especially if Sen. Johnson remains alive but incapacitated. If he dies, it seems the most likely scenario is that the gov. picks a replacement but has to call a special election. I've seen no indication on what the timeframe for that election is - it could potentially not occur until next November. And if it does happen, it will attract the rabid right wing as spoiled meat attracts flies.

There's some history about what happens when the balance of power changes in the Senate here here.