December 1, 2006

When Good Sci-Fi Writers Go Bad

Who amoung us doesn't like Ender's Game?

Crooks and Liars
has a good round-up on the sad mess that Orson Scott Card has become.


Erin said...

So the politics are disturbing? Hello, the book is about how you turn small children into military geniuses, the whole premise is disturbing! And a fantastic read! I am not going to stop reading an author just because I don't like his/her politics, I'd miss out on a lot of great literature!

larry said...

Actually, I didn't like Ender's Game all that much. Not because of what Erin said about the premise, but because I felt the ending was too predictable. Though it was a good read.

I did like Starship Troopers (the movie, haven't read the book), even though I don't approve of Heinlein's militaristic viewpoint.

Tyler said...

Larry, I'm so dissappointed in you.

You "liked" Starship Troopers!?! That was one of the worst f***ing movie ever!

Ground troops fighting giant bugs!? No tanks or aircraft?

And you think you know someone...