December 6, 2006

Domestic Front

And in domestic news Mary Cheney is pregnant. Yes, the gay daughter. Cheney's grandaughter has two mommies.


larry said...

Interesting reaction to this.

One commenter to a blog on HuffingtonPost noted that either Ms. Cheney's child was conceived by in vitro fertilization, which resulted in the death of many other embryos, making Ms. Cheney a murderer (according to conservatives), or she had intercourse with a male who is not her husband, making Ms. Cheney an sinner.

What a slap in Dad's face.

Laura said...

Actually there is another way for lesbians to concieve, which neither makes them sinners or murderers according to religious right, which would be sperm donation.

However, since the religious right thinks that all queers molest children, the simple act of creating and caring for a child might be a sin....