July 2, 2007

Son of A...

Bush sets Scooter free. Commutes his sentence so he doesn't spend any time in jail. Craig is reduced to outraged sputtering.

Tsh- Fut- Ner- Smer-

It was talked about, but I for one never thought that Bush would really do it. This will please the 28% of Country that Bush already has, but is going to bring down the rage of the rest.

This is a huge middle finger extended at the Justice System. Scooter Libby, lies to grand jury, is convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice, is set free by President. The end result is that the crime being investigated remains unsolved. And there are no legal consciences for that cover-up. Bush has abused the power of his office -the right to pardon and grant clemency, in the service of hiding crimes committed by his own Administration. In a just world, this action would burn the Administration to the ground. But I'm starting to question the justice of the world.


larry said...

Never thought that Bush would really do it? What world are you living in?

larry said...

From Glenn Greenwald:

"That Lewis Libby has been protected by George Bush from the consequences of his crimes only highlights how corrupt and broken our political system is. It reveals nothing new. This is the natural, inevitable outgrowth of our rancid political culture, shaped and slavishly defended by our Beltway ruling class and our serious, sober opinion-making elite."

larry said...

More from Glenn:

"That Dick Cheney's top aide, one of the most well-connected neoconservatives on the planet, is protected from the consequences of his felonies ought to be anything but surprising. That is the country that we have. It is a result that is completely consistent with the "values" that define official Washington. No other outcome was possible."

Laura said...

I was actually surprised he didn't extend a full pardon, but there's still time for him to live up to my distrust, as he hasn't ruled out a full pardon yet. I have no idea why this comes as such a shock to you. This administration has shown time and again that laws are for other people and don't apply to them.