August 28, 2007


So, another conservative caught with his hand in the gay cookie jar. This time it's an Idaho Senator whose was otherwise notable only for having the tasteful name of Larry Craig.

Look, there's a reason why this kind of thing keeps happening. The GOP and the conservative movement at this point are built around hating gay people. But there are a number of gay people in the country who really like church, tax cuts, or invading countries for no good reason. So we end up with quite of few closeted Republicans. Who are still gay, despite all efforts to the contrary. So we keep getting these ludicrous scandals as ideology loses out to nature.

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Laura said...

Well, and there is also the fact that truly closeted homosexuals really, really don't want other people to know they are gay, so they try very hard to become what they believe is the antithesis of gay. After all, no one expects a Republican to be gay. It's just silly, it's like a black man supporting the klan. So, it's a good way to keep yourself in the closet, at least until you can no longer control your natural urges, and you get caught with some gay prostitute, or your lover gets sick of you and decides to write a tell all book.