August 2, 2007


The headline is the tragic bridge collapse in Minnesota.

Your understanding the headline link is to Rick Perlstein's The Big Con, which documents how conservatives dedication to cutting government leads directly to our crumbling infrastructure.


Tyler said...

I guess this is why I will never be a producer/editor for a major news network. It's all over TV and the internet but only 4 people died. I can see doing a piece on it and having some updates every 30 minutes, but round the clock coverage?

Laura said...

You know, I really hate to politicize a tragedy, but am I the only who sees the irony in the fact that we're siphoning off billions of dollars to repair countries after destroying them, while our own infrastructure is quite literally crumbling?

Laura said...

And as for why it's all over the news, well, as has been noted this is America, not Mexico City, where a good healthy sneeze has been known to demolish whole parts of the city. Bridges and such are not just supposed to collapse in America. What the hell do we pay taxes for, if not to insure our own basic safety?