August 14, 2007

Fine, Do It

Micky Kaus, who has been calling, loudly, for a enforcement only approach to immigration now is now facing the possibility that enforcement might be a political nightmare. As if removing millions of people from the labor pool and millions of people from the Country was going to be an easy, pain-free process. So he blames the Bush administration for moving to enforcement only in order to undermine enforcement only. But Kaus has been claiming that enforcement only is not only good policy, but good politics. Oh the "idea" is just great. But in the real world it means families broken up, businesses shut down, crops rotting in the fields, and so on. Kaus thinks this could be avoided if only the policy is better implemented. Call it the immigration version of the "The Incompetence Dodge." Stupid idea actually put into play, turns disastrous. Blame execution. Can work for wars, firing prosecutors, and so on.

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