October 22, 2008


Sarah Palin never fails to disappoint. She continues to be unable to answer even the most basic of questions. She was asked by a third-grader, "what the Vice President does" and got her answer wrong.

And now comes news that the RNC has spent 150 grand outfitting Palin and her family in clothing. Nothing says "working-class gal" like $150,000 worth of Saks Fifth Avenue.

Is it any wonder that the Palin pick has become a massive drag on the GOP ticket? Palin is now the most cited concern that voters have about McCain. The GOP attitude in recent years is that they can spin their way out of everything. All screw-ups, be it bad policy, mis-statements, bad personnel choices, scandal, etc., can just be handled with an aggressive public relations policy. There's never a move to make a real change. Don't change course on the war, fire Roberto Gonzales or admit that you picked the wrong person for VP. Just spin harder. Hell, Larry Craig is still in office, thinking he could spin he way out of a frickin bathroom solicitation conviction. But spin has its limits, and the GOP has found those limits. Those limits are going to absolutely murder them in 13 days.

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