June 16, 2009


This is the world now. From Wired's Danger Room - denial of service attacks are now part of the fighting:

Pro-democracy activists on the web are asking supporters to use relatively simple hacking tools to flood the regime’s propaganda sites with junk traffic. “NOTE to HACKERS - attack www.farhang.gov.ir - pls try to hack all iran gov wesites [sic]. very difficult for us,” Tweets one activist. The impact of these distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks isn’t clear. But official online outlets like leader.ir, ahmadinejad.ir, and iribnews.ir are currently inaccessible. “There are calls to use an even more sophisticated tool called BWraep, which seems to exhaust the target website out of bandwidth by creating bogus requests for serving images,” notes Open Society Institute fellow Evgeny Morozov.

This is about the information. Information is key, not bombs. And the side of freedom always has better nerds than the fascists.

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Laura said...

You'd think the fascists would open a history book from time to time to learn a few lessons. They always get themselves in trouble because of the scope of their lies. It isn't enough to merely "win" the election. They must "win by a landslide." It's why you can always see through their transparent attempts at deomcracy. In real democracies, few things are won by a landslide and disagreement is widespread.

And while info is key...the Ayatollah still has supreme power, so while he appears to be allowing the investigation into voter fraud to go forward, that can change at any given moment. And that's why no matter how many votes are allowed in a country, when one person still holds supreme power, that's not a democracy. It's time for the people of Iran to allow the Ayatollah only the power to control the church and to actually grasp the reins of democracy...