June 18, 2009

Soccer Protest

Even the jocks get in on the action:

It was a simple gesture — green tape wrapped around a wrist — but its symbolism resonated half a world away.

Several players on Iran’s national soccer team wore the green tape on their wrists during a World Cup qualifying match against South Korea on Wednesday, an apparent sign of solidarity with opposition leader Mir Hossain Mousavi.

Protesters at home who accuse the government of rigging Iran’s June 12 election in favor of hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have been wearing green — the color of Mousavi’s campaign — in a show of support for the opposition candidate.

The best part is that Iran State TV, which has been avoiding showing any protests, had to show this, cause soccer is too big a deal in Iran to censor. Soccer Explains the World had a great chapter on soccer in Iran.

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