October 14, 2009

Within this Square Lies all Wisdom

So lately my web surfing has been regularly taking me to the world of web comics. Given that the medium is basically guys doodling on the Internet, this is high-class nerdism. My favorites are the brilliant xkcd, and the highly meta Darths and Droids and Order of the Stick.

xkcd will surprise you over and over again with what can be done with stick figures and is a must read for any nerd involved with or contemplating love and sex. Which I do.

Order of the Stick is little less accessible, it requires that you have spent some time role-playing, D&D 3rd edition in particular. It depicts a slapstick world governed by the rules of D&D, where you call out "sneak attack!" when you sneak attack and you can miss the goblin standing right next to you if you roll you dice wrong.

Darths and Droids is even more meta. The graphic panels of the comic are screen captures from the Star Wars movies. But dialogue is based on the premise that the story is the result of a role-playing game session. Sounds crazy, but in a lot of places, this comic makes more sense than the original movies.

So what do you guys read?

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