February 19, 2010

Crash Averse

My enjoyment of Olympic-level crashing has taken a precipitous drop recently. It used to be, some Swedish skier or German luger or French ice skater would face plant, and I would just crack up. Someone’s lifetime of work would go up in a puff of snow and I would have myself a laugh.

But these days I just can’t get into the crashing. I avert my eyes. I cry out in fear. People I shouldn’t care about, like a Finnish snowboarder or some male figure skater dressed like a peacock go down and I’m not having any fun at all. Sure, you’re supposed get upset when American golden girl Lindsey Vonn crashes out of the super combine but even strangers from strange countries crashing are making me feel bad.

Part of this is clearly the death of Georgian luger. Nothing like death to take all the fun out of crashing. But I’m also hoping this is sign I’m becoming a better person. Personal growth from the comfort of your couch!

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