February 17, 2010

Lost Wednesdays

What with Lost coming to an end this season, I'll be doing a bit post Lost-related stuff. Not sure if I really want to do a full recap, but I do wish to say I dig Sawyer and Not-Lock. Why do devils always argue for free will? Not-Lock has the same basic argument that Al Pacino's Satan does in The Devil's Advocate: that God/Jacob is pulling our strings and only Satan/Smoky will let us act for ourselves. This line of argument always troubles me, because I'm very big on free will and am afraid I might me taken in by line of reasoning, should I ever encounter a well spoken supernatural evil.

Has anyone worked out this philosophical problem? Free will and Good and Evil? Maybe a book or long pamphlet?

For your additional link of fun, here's a video clip of all the beating Ben had taken during the series. Truth is, he deserves them all.

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