May 27, 2010

All in Fun Till Somebody Gets Assaulted

I know the right wing has all kinds of fun being crazy about the census. The government is going to count how many teeth you have so they can better steal your teeth and so on. But now people are getting hurt. Some folks pulled a gun on census worker here in Nor Cal, the police got called and a women died. So lay off the census, ok?

If you claim to love the Constitution, then you should love the Census, cause its right there in the document. Go Look (Article 1, Section 2) I'll wait. So greet your Census worker with a smile and fill out the damn form.

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Archaeogoddess said...

Jesus H. Christ (who was freakin' born in a g-dd-mned barn because his parents were doing their best to fill out the g-dd-mn census!!) the madness never ends over there!