May 17, 2010

Great Achievements in Bikining

That's right, this is American, land of opportunity. Give us your tired, your poor, we will put them in bikinis and make them stars. I'm going to count the first win for a Muslim Miss USA as a win for decadent Western values. The fundies can never beat us. We have bikinis.

Oh and it turns out, they are still asking political questions. Miss Oklahoma got asked about Arizonans "papers please" law. Again, I ask - Why?

Oh and no way should anyone give the new Miss USA grief over the pole dance contest pics. You can't pick and chose what kind of sexy women get to do. She's the best in the country at walking around in a bikini. You can't take some other kind of sexy like dancing on a pole and label it evil.

And now I'm done beauty pageant blogging for anouther year.

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