May 6, 2010

UK Election! UK Election!

Hot three way action. No really, a true three-way race has broken out this election cycle in Britain, with the perennial third party, the Liberal Democrats, making a really strong run this year.

And because of the time difference, I won't have to stay up late to see how it turns out.

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Archaeogoddess said...

I'm still trying to figure it all out over here - LD may be running neck and neck with Labour and the Tories in the polls, but this does not seem to transfer in to seats in Parliament (using the BBC's little "seat counter") and thus it seems that really it's all going to be between Brown and Cameron. Kinda like back in the 1992 US presidential election.

At least I think. The Brits have had far longer than we have had to make the electoral system completely incomprehensible.

The big question is who the LDs will back if there is no clear majority after the elections. I would bet that the Tories win it, but not a clear majority, and that LD back them.

(By the way, this is still easier than Danish politics, which I still can't get a handle on, other than I hate DF.)