November 17, 2010

Dancing to Ruin

The metaphor is waaay to easy, but what is currently going down on Dancing with the Stars is too good to pass up. I'm getting all of this second-hand, by the by. I have yet to watch a single minuet of the show, but a full blown culture war has broken out. The single-mom daughter of everyones favorite half-term Governor is on the show. And despite the fact she's a terrible dancer, she has stayed on the show on the strength of an organized tea party effort to pump up her votes. This week Bristol made it to the finals, sending Brandy (you know, from the 90's) home despite the fact that Brandy is a great dancer. So here you have it - the essence of tea party and Palin - inflicting bad dancing on Country just to make the point that your tribe is better. The same people that will vote for a bad dancer just because she's a Palin will vote for a total disaster of a President just because she's a Palin.

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