November 4, 2010

Oh to be Young...

...and only care about voting in Presidential electiona. In the course of breaking down Pot's current loss and future prospects, MY breaks out a chart showing that the under-30 crowd's share of the electorate dropped from 18% to 12% from this election to 2008. This isn't an unusual thing. Off-year elections always run older. But Obama's appeal is especially weighted to the younger crowd and away from the older. 65+ was the only age category to vote against him in 2008. When they go from 13% of voters to 20% of voters, we have trouble. Not just in votes on pot, but votes on everything. Including, for example, the House of Representatives! So for the next four years, find somebody under 30 and educate them as to the importance of voter in off years. Governors are important! House Members are important!

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