November 3, 2010


Well, that's what it feels like to get your ass kicked. The GOP is picking up 60+ seats in the House which makes the tan one Speaker. The GOP picked up a bunch of Governorships and Senate seats, but the Dems took California and will hold the Senate. Thank the Tea Party for the Senate. In several states most notably Nevada and Delaware, conservatives picked out wild-eye maniacs who lost to incumbents in the best year the GOP will have in decades.

I really don't get California voters. Dems won top to bottom State-wide, but pot lost big, we lowered the budget vote requirement to 50%, but added at 2/3rds vote for fees and kept billions in tax cuts for corporations. We voted for climate change legislation and against State Park funding. We are everywhere and nowhere.

Welcome to the new gridlock. Remember how liberals complained about not getting what they everything they wanted as major pieces of legislation got passed? Well they are not going to do that anymore, because nothing is getting passed. The GOP is deep in the red mist right now, no deals are going to get done. We are at a standstill for two years.

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