March 10, 2005

And Now a Word about the Sidebar

Some new additions to the side to let you know about. I have added Blogcritics to the links, where I am now posting from time to time (Really just reposting Chant posts, nothing new) Also two worthy blogs - Suburban Nomad and Political Moose. Also please check out the Committee to Protect Bloggers. They are doing good work for people much braver than I. Think about blogging in Iran for a minute, would you?

Just a word on the Left - Right - Center. TNR is not really the right. They are the center-left. They are to the right of the Nation and TAP but by no means the right. This is my attempt to move the debate to the left, much like FoxNews move it to the right by having the Hard Right debate the Center-Right. My dream panel is Katrina vanden Heuvel saying Bush is evil, Peter Beinart saying no, no he is just incompetent and Michael Tomasky saying let's compromise by saying your both right.

No more navel gazing tomorrow I promise.

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